We follow stringent quality standards

We understand the importance of quality as far as health care is concerned.The quality in the pharmaceutical industry has become a very important topic. Since the world has gathered together to harmonize its practices and guides and the launching of the FDA current good manufacturing practices – the cGMP; for the 21st century – there has been a growing awareness for the significance of the quality of the pharmaceutical products .

Quality at the Plant

Since 2002, FDA began an initiative to address cGMP for the 21st century (Woodcock, 2004). This effort involved taking new looks at both the regulatory and industrial systems for insuring drug quality.

Ethics at Work place

As an Organizations we support proper business ethics consistently turning result in to more productivity and employee retention than those that consider ethics merely an issue of compliance.

Happiness for Patients

Research has shown that a person’s happiness can have a positive impact on their health. While those with high levels of chronic stress and anxiety are more likely to suffer from serious health conditions.

We at Winkem Healthcare believe that Quality is amongst the most important commodities, which can persuade, a customer to buy a product. Our constant pursuit on total quality control remains the focal point. We are confident that TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT will ensure Winkem Healthcare to touch newer milestones in the coming years.

Winkem Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held Indian Pharmaceutical manufacturing company involved in manufacture and supply of wide range of avant-garde pharmaceuticals to semi-regulated and non regulated markets. Our commitment to provide world class quality, competitive pricing and a constant urge to explore new therapeutic segments and expand our product portfolio has gained us a reputation as a quality manufacturer of medicines with world class quality products.


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